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Italy: the perfect country for your destination wedding

“Italy is the most beautiful country in the world”: surely you have heard this phrase several times, and the magical morphology of Italy and its enchanting landscapes often leave little room for words. Not to forget the breathtaking climate, the rich history, the delicious food and the artistic treasures scattered far and wide throughout the Belpaese. Italy has more than 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is home to some of the most romantic cities […]

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Wedding video in Lecco

Your wedding film in 4K. Unique and spontaneous footage of the most beautiful and exciting moments of your perfect day. Soundtrack, dynamic editing and drone shooting for an unmissable result. The wedding video is a unique memory that you can relive forever whenever you want. Italy is a classic wedding destination for couples who are in love with this country and its natural beauty, culture and historic heritage. Are you looking for a videomaker for […]

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Wedding Video on the Lake Como

Are you looking for a videomaker on Lake Como? We are wedding videographers and we have filmed weddings in various locations on Lake Como, indeed… we were born and we live right here! Lake Como is an incredible location. Situated in the shadow of the Alps and surrounded on both sides by steep forested hills, Lake Como is the most spectacular of the region’s three main lakes. In the shape of an inverted Y, its […]

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